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Career consulting services for business professionals.

I am not like most career consultants. Actually, I am a consulting Chief Financial Officer who also enjoys helping people find jobs.

I offer no hype. There is no magic resume format that will guarantee you an interview. Formatting helps, but content is key.

I can only offer my help, which is based on the knowledge and experience I have gained over more than 25 years in corporate finance, accounting and operations.

I have interviewed many people who looked good on paper, but stumbled when trying to explain what they have accomplished. I have also reviewed thousands of resumes that never should have been sent out.

I want to help you avoid these pitfalls.

If you would like an experienced CFO with real-world financial, accounting, hiring and management experience to help you prepare for an interview or write your resume, please contact me.

I have helped numerous people move forward in their careers.

Call me at (951) 785-0000 to set up an appointment or ask questions.

Kris Olsen, MBA, CMA
Olsen Consulting, Inc.
(951) 785-0000
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Questions? Please call me at (951) 785-0000 or fill out my contact form.

Olsen Consulting has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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