Visibility. Control. Growth.

Let me help you improve visibility into your numbers and increase control over your operations so you can pursue growth. Since 2005, I have worked with multiple clients in various industries throughout the United States, and sometimes throughout the world.

About Me

Forward-looking CFO with extensive financial, accounting and operational experience in challenging, growth, start-up, multi-entity and global environments.

▪ Experienced FP&A Professional: Advanced financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting and problem-solving skills developed in private, public and VC-backed entities, with M&A and IPO experience. ▪ Certified Management Accountant: Experience fixing start-up books, delivering audited GAAP financials, and serving a public company as field percentage of completion revenue recognition expert. ▪ Proven Leader with Strong Interpersonal Skills: Experience building, leading and developing

My name is on this business to show my commitment to my clients. I want you to succeed. – Kris Olsen, MBA, CMA

My Skills

Twenty years as an operational CFO with experience managing all aspects of finance and accounting.

Looking Forward and Managing Risk 100%
Creating Operational Processes and Solving Problems 100%
Leading Teams and Working with External Stakeholders 100%
Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Budgeting, Analysis, Reporting and Accounting 100%

What Clients Say

"... perfect fit as CFO for our fledgling start-up with big goals. His leadership and guidance were instrumental in taking our company from Good to Great to Sold!"

"... one of the smartest minds I have ever worked with [...] His CFO skills are top notch. He sees patterns and trends in numbers that most don't see."

"... highly effective seeing order through chaos. His experience is immediately evident when he asks the "right" questions and begins to dive into data"